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REXFLEXOLOGY                                                                 45 mins. approx  £35


SU JOK ACUPRESSURE                                                     20 mins. approx  £15 




One person private reading (recorded)                              1.5 hours               £75


Numerology parties (6 people)  (recorded)                         1 hour each           £50 per person


Numerology string of people  (10+ people)                         20 mins. each       £15 per person



REIKI ATTUNEMENTS                                                                                 Upon application



THE COLOUR ROOM                                                                                  £25 per hour


                                                                                                                    £15 per half hour



MEDITATION IN THE COPPER PYRAMID                                                     £25 per hour       


                                                                                                                    £15 per half hour



THE COLOUR ROOM AND PYRAMID COMBINED                                       £35 per hour


                                                                                                                     £20 per half hour




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